Luminescence 96 Launched

Setting New Standards for Modern Luminometers

Byonoy GmbH

Hamburg, November 8, 2023 – With a vision to redefine usability and a commitment to simplifying laboratory workflows through highly intuitive and functional designs, Byonoy introduces Luminescence 96, further expanding its range of high-quality plate readers. Luminescence 96 sets a groundbreaking standard for luminometers, elevating the user experience in Luminescence-based assays. 

Distinguished as the first plate reader to incorporate highly sensitive silicon photomultipliers, Byonoy’s cutting-edge technology has facilitated the development of an ultra-compact luminometer microplate reader with enhanced usability and a low price. Luminescence 96 features a sleek and space-saving design, addressing the constraints of laboratory environments. With its remarkably affordable price, it democratizes access to Luminescence-based assays, making them accessible to a broader scientific community. Despite its small footprint, Luminescence 96 ensures unparalleled performance and delivers precise results suitable for a wide variety of luminescence assays. 

 Luminescence 96 Launched Byonoy

Key Features

  • Accessible Advanced Technology: Luminescence 96 breaks down the barriers to accessing Luminescence-based assays with its affordable pricing strategy. Traditionally, the adoption of such technology has been hindered by the exorbitant costs associated with luminometers available in the market. Luminescence 96 addresses this bottleneck by providing an accessible solution suitable for laboratories of all sizes, encouraging widespread adoption and democratization of cutting-edge luminescence technology.
  • High Performance: Leading the innovation in plate reader design, Luminescence 96 introduces a pioneering approach by employing 96 silicon photomultipliers as detectors for plate reading, delivering unmatched performance in Luminescence-based assays. Luminescence 96 offers an impressive linear dynamic range spanning 8 decades, rendering it well-suited for a diverse array of luminescence assays and guaranteeing precision in signal detection. Thanks to its ultra-compact design, Luminescence 96 effectively eliminates background phosphorescence and cross-talk thereby ensuring the utmost accuracy in assay results.
  • Compact and Space-Saving Design: In addition to its outstanding performance capabilities, Luminescence 96 stands out with its ultra-compact design, optimal for any laboratory and workspace. It serves as a personalized luminometer for individual researchers, liberating them from reliance on centralized laboratory equipment, and facilitating versatile and efficient use in various research settings.

"As we launch Luminescence 96, we mark a significant milestone in reenvisioning laboratory instrumentation. This innovative luminometer signifies our commitment to advancing research and making breakthrough technology accessible to the broader scientific community.”

- Dr. Yousef Narziriadeh, CEO and Head of Research, Development, and Production, Byonoy

Luminescence 96 presents a distinctive and reliable tool for researchers seeking to leverage the capabilities of luminescence assays for scientific breakthroughs in diverse fields, including immunology, cell biology, drug discovery, and food monitoring.

Luminescence 96 is now available to order at Byonoy. For more information visit the page.  

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