Luminescence 96 Automate Unveiled

Transforming Luminescence Analysis with Automation

Byonoy GmbH

Hamburg, February 1, 2024 – Byonoy, an emerging company redefining the landscape of measurement technologies, proudly introduces another innovative on-deck plate reader, the Luminescence 96 Automate. It is the automated version of the earlier launched benchtop microplate luminometer, Luminescence 96

Building on the success of the Absorbance 96 Automate, which gathered an overwhelmingly positive response last year after receiving the SLAS23 New Product Award, it became evident that there is a significant demand for on-deck plate readers to streamline and enhance lab automation workflows. The launch of Luminescence 96 Automate signifies a remarkable stride forward in Byonoy’s mission to redefine laboratory instrumentation in terms of affordability, size, and flexibility. Luminescence 96 Automate not only inherits the high functionality of its predecessor, Luminescence 96 but also introduces a remarkable advantage with on-deck easy integration features. This allows for seamless automated luminescence measurements with any liquid handling systems or robotic platforms equipped with a microplate gripper. 

 Luminescence 96 Automate Unveiled Byonoy

"The launch of Luminescence 96 Automate marks our significant step in meeting the growing demand for on-deck plate readers tailored to diverse detection methods. Evolving from our original Luminescence 96, Luminescence 96 Automate features enhanced on-deck integration compatibilities across platforms, streamlining automated luminescence assay workflows. This revolutionary on-deck luminometer not only highlights our expert technological capabilities but also reflects our commitment and passion to advancing research." 

- Dr. Yousef Narziriadeh, CEO and Head of Research, Development, and Production, Byonoy

The launch of Luminescence 96 Automate represents a significant advancement in the field of laboratory instrumentation, marking a new era in automated luminescence measurements. Join Byonoy in embracing the future of lab automation, where innovation meets practicality and transforms the way we conduct research.

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