SLAS23 New Product Award Winner

Absorbance 96 Automate Wins The Spotlight

Byonoy GmbH

Hamburg, March 6, 2023 – Byonoy is thrilled to share that on a momentous occasion at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Annual Conference (SLAS23), the Absorbance 96 Automate has been honored with the highly coveted SLAS23 New Product Award. The prestigious award recognizes its exceptional contribution to accelerating laboratory automation workflows.    

Unveiled for the first time at SLAS23, the Absorbance 96 Automate captivated attendees, conference organizers, and industry leaders with its innovative design features and functionality, most notably introducing the world's first on-deck plate reader. Leveraging its small footprint, lightweight, and z-axis serviceability, the Absorbance 96 Automate can easily be integrated and serviced by a wide range of robotic systems, from traditional decks to state-of-the-art modular systems.

 SLAS23 New Product Award Winner Byonoy

"I’m beyond thrilled to see Byonoy’s Absorbance 96 Automate honored with the SLAS23 New Product Award. We have been overwhelmed by the response to our device and have benefited immensely from the positive energy of the visitors at SLAS. We have been welcomed into the automation community and are excited to continue our journey to reenvision the way people think about instruments. Thanks to SLAS for the sheer quality they manage to maintain each year, and of course, a special thanks to our development team who continue to provide ingenious solutions to difficult problems.”

- Colten Wimmer, Chief Sales Officer, Byonoy 

This groundbreaking technology facilitates automatic microplate reading by seamlessly integrating the Absorbance 96 Automate directly on deck into any liquid handling system. This integration eliminates the requirement for additional grippers dedicated to plate reading, thereby saving valuable on-deck space and reducing associated costs. Scientists and researchers at SLAS23 expressed excitement about the potential of this innovative approach to significantly enhance efficiency, automation, and precision across various life sciences applications.

Read the official SLAS press release here

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