Absorbance 96 Automate Revealed

The World’s First On-deck Plate Reader for Laboratory Automation

Byonoy GmbH

Hamburg, February 25, 2023 – To revolutionize automated laboratory workflows with integrated microplate reading, Byonoy proudly launches the world’s first on-deck plate reader, the Absorbance 96 Automate. This groundbreaking instrument merges a sleek, compact design with a lightweight build and z-axis serviceability, positioning it as the ultimate platform-agnostic solution for effortless integration. Engineered to integrate into both traditional decks and state-of-the-art robotic systems seamlessly, the Absorbance 96 Automate is set to redefine measurement technologies for automated laboratory workflows. 

 Absorbance 96 Automate Revealed Byonoy

Highlighted Features 

  • Easy Integration: The Absorbance 96 Automate distinguishes itself with its unparalleled ease of integration into systems equipped with a microplate gripper. Its ultra-compact size, coupled with a highly functional design and advanced technological features, guarantees a hassle-free integration process. Users can communicate with the device seamlessly through the intuitive Absorbance 96 App, which can be conveniently controlled via a scheduler using Sila2 or a dedicated driver. 
  • Compact footprint: With its radically small footprint (dimension: 15,5 x 9,5 cm), it can be easily incorporated on deck occupying a single SBS position, saving valuable deck space and eliminating the need for additional third-party hardware. 
  • Unparalleled performance with high read-time capability: Integrated sensors within the Absorbance 96 Automate guarantee precise microplate detection, significantly streamlining absorbance-based assays in automated workflows. Boasting 6 LEDs and 96 detection units, this cutting-edge device achieves an impressive 5-second read time, highlighting its remarkable capability for swift data acquisition during automated workflows. 

"It is an exciting moment for Byonoy as we expand our capabilities in the lab automation sector. The integration of Absorbance 96 Automate into liquid handling systems not only provides researchers with seamless microplate reading for automated workflows but also allows for significant savings in on-deck space and reduced hardware costs. This achievement is a result of great teamwork, and I look forward to its application across various labs.”

- Dr. Yousef Nazirizadeh, CEO and Head of Research, Development, and Production, Byonoy 

Discover how you can elevate your lab automation and learn more about Absorbance 96 Automate.  

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