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 Luminescence 96 Automate Unveiled News Byonoy

Luminescence 96 Automate Unveiled

Introducing Luminescence 96 Automate - an innovative on-deck microplate luminometer. Designed for seamless integration, Luminescence 96 Automate efficiently streamlines lab automation workflows for precise measurement and analysis of luminescence assays.

 Luminescence 96 Launched News Byonoy

Luminescence 96 Launched

Introducing Luminescence 96 - a cutting-edge, ultra-compact microplate luminometer with highly sensitive silicon photomultipliers. Redefining usability and affordability, it democratizes access to Luminescence assays, ensuring precise results with peak performance.

 SLAS23 New Product Award Winner News Byonoy

SLAS23 New Product Award Winner

Absorbance 96 Automate Receives Prestigious SLAS23 New Product Award. Recognized as the world's first on-deck plate reader and for its outstanding contribution to advancing lab automation workflows, this accolade underscores the instrument's excellence in the field.

 Absorbance 96 Automate Revealed News Byonoy

Absorbance 96 Automate Revealed

Byonoy unveils the groundbreaking Absorbance 96 Automate, the world's first on-deck plate reader, reshaping lab automation through integrated microplate reading. This pioneering instrument, characterized by its compact design and z-axis serviceability, sets the standard as the ultimate platform-agnostic solution.

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