Plate Readout Modernized

Our philosophy of intuitive operation is also an integral part of the Absorbance 96 software. Parting from tradition, the software features a modern, attractive interface with smooth navigation and a logical flow.

To reduce the complexity of the software, no hidden windows or overwhelming dropdown menus are used. The user interface is designed so intuitively that the functions are understood within minutes and no extensive training is necessary. 

ELISA Microplate Reader Software | Absorbance 96

A Software Free from Restrictions

The Absorbance 96 software is as flexible as the reader itself. It can be used on multiple devices and supports Microsoft Windows as well as macOS. With plug-and-play technology, simply connect the Absorbance 96 and start your assay. 

The Absorbance 96 software can be used on a desktop PC in your lab or on your notebook or even on windows tablets in mobile situations. Regular updates bring new features and enhancements, so the user is always up to speed. There are no license limitations and updates are free of charge.

ELISA Microplate Reader Software | Absorbance 96macOS
ELISA Microplate Reader Software | Absorbance 96Windows
ELISA Microplate Reader Software | Absorbance 96

Advanced Data Analysis

The software enables to intuitively conduct advanced endpoint and kinetic assays. Moving forward from parameter and plate definition to the readout process follows a logical workflow. 

Different kind of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods are available as well as an advanced data analysis. The user can easily save and load protocol files and export the results in PDF or CSV.

Definition of plate layout through easy gestures
Readout process of a kinetic assay
Analysis with rich data output

Video Demonstration for a Quantitative Elisa

ELISA Microplate Reader Software | Absorbance 96

The video provides an overview of a quantitative ELISA experiment in the Absorbance 96 software. In the first section the setup parameters can be set, like the wavelength selection or the evaluation method. Also the plate layout with the definition of standards, samples and blanks is part of the setup section. After the setup the user is guided through the readout process. Results are shown in graphical the tabular views and can be evaluated and exported.

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