Luminescence 96
The Dawn of a New Era

Using 96 highly sensitive silicon photomultipliers, Luminescence 96 is an entirely new type of luminometer.

Its ultra-compact design at its unprecedented price makes Luminescence 96 accessible to every lab.

Top readout

Invert for bottom readout

Ultra compact footprint of 14 × 9.8 cm

Open API

Peak Performance

Despite its ultra-compact design, Luminescence 96 offers outstanding performance.


Luminescence 96 is the first plate reader to implement highly sensitive silicon photomultipliers.

Sophisticated electronics parse the incredible amount of information cascading from these highly sensitive detectors.

A shutter reduces dark count noise and background phosphorescence is canceled out by a filter.

Each of the 96 detectors adapts according to the signal intensity of the corresponding well, reaching a sensitivity of 100 fmol ATP/well.

Dynamic Range

Luminescence 96 has a linear dynamic range of up to 8 decades. To access the full potential of the silicon photomultipliers, three readout modes are used: photon counting, integration, and micro integration.


With Luminescence 96, every millimeter counts. By bringing the microplate within a 10th of a millimeter of the detection unit, cross-talk is, at < 0.7 x 10⁻⁶, practically eliminated.

An Intuitive Way to Results

With its dedicated app, Luminescence 96 provides a tailored user experience that allows you to shut out the background and focus on your research.
USB-C data transfer An Intuitive Way to Results Luminescence 96
USB-C data transfer
Open API An Intuitive Way to Results Luminescence 96
Open API
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Reporter gene assays

Access the power of genetic technology to sensitively evaluate gene expression.


Cell viability assays

Easily answer the most essential question in any cell culture workflow.



Take advantage of increased sensitivity with luminescence-based immunoassays.

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