Care Packages for Luminescence 96 Automate

 Care Packages for Luminescence 96 Automate Byonoy


  1. 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. 24-month warranty
  3. Technical support
  4. Software updates



  1. Everything from the Essentials Package
  2. Extended warranty
  3. Accidental damage*

790 € per year

Shipping costs not included


  1. Everything from the Essentials Package
  2. Annual manufacturer calibration*

390 € per year

Shipping costs not included

Protect + Validate

  1. Everything from the Essentials Package
  2. Extended warranty
  3. Accidental damage*
  4. Annual manufacturer calibration*

1130 € per year

Shipping costs not included

The maximum number of claims is limited to a certain number per period (Accidental damage 2 claims/period, Calibration 1 claim/period). For further information see our terms and conditions.

Our Care Packages help you meet the quality standards of your laboratory and enable you to work worry-free. At the same time, we give you complete flexibility. You can run the service packages for as long as you like and cancel them at any time when you no longer need them. For details please check our Terms and Conditions for Care Packages.

Unlimited duration Care Packages for Luminescence 96 Automate Byonoy
Unlimited duration
Cancel at any time Care Packages for Luminescence 96 Automate Byonoy
Cancel at any time

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30-day money-back guarantee

The device can be returned 30 days after the purchase of the device from Byonoy. The customer will be reimbursed the purchase price shown on the purchase receipt for each returned device that is covered by the guarantee, including any sales taxes paid. If the purchase receipt does not provide a single price for the returned device, the reimbursement amount is determined in case of doubt pursuant to manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the respective device.

Any costs that the customer may have incurred for the delivery of the device (i.e. shipping costs) will not be reimbursed.

If the customer returns a device in non-serviceable condition, Byonoy is entitled to reduce the guarantee refund by the value of the defect.

The refund is to be paid by wire transfer or credit card. Cash payment is not available. The refund amount is non-negotiable, exchangeable, or transferable.

24-month warranty

During the warranty period, Byonoy will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. The warranty period is 24 months from the original invoice date. 

To obtain warranty service, the customer must first contact Byonoy to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution. Byonoy can be contacted as follows:

  • Hotline: +4940537986600
  • E-mail support:
  • Website:

If repair is required, the device must be shipped directly to Byonoy or one of its service centers.

The legal warranty remains in force, even if the Byonoy 24-month warranty is issued.

Technical support

During the lifetime of the product, Byonoy offers to provide technical support. To make use this technical support service, Byonoy can be contacted as follows:

  • Hotline: +4940537986600
  • E-mail support:
  • Website:

Byonoy shall provide at its sole discretion, and for as long and for such hours as it may decide, remote telephone support and troubleshooting for its customers. 

Software updates

The customer will have access to software updates through the update functionality within the software itself. These software updates may include bug fixes or new features. 

Extended warranty

Byonoy products are supplied with a standard two-year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty will be extended. Warranty claims occurring within the warranty extension period will be handled according to Byonoy's terms and conditions.

Accidental damage

In case of accidental damage to the device by the customer, Byonoy will repair the device free of charge, analogous to a warranty case.

The following cases are excluded from this warranty:  

  • preventative maintenance, such as routine servicing or cleaning of the product where there is no underlying problem with its hardware
  • damage to the Equipment caused by:
    • abuse or misuse, meaning reckless, willful, or intentional damage, including knowingly using the product for a purpose or in a manner for which it was not intended
    • actual or attempted modification or alteration of the product
    • service or repair (including upgrades) performed by anyone who is not Byonoy
  • a product with a serial number that has been altered, defaced, or removed, or a product that has been opened, serviced, modified, or altered by anyone other than Byonoy, or contains component parts that are not authorized by Byonoy
  • the loss or theft of the product
  • cosmetic damage to the product which does not affect the functionality of the product, including, but not limited to, hairline cracks, scratches, dents, discoloration, or corrosion
  • damage or failure caused by normal wear and tear and/or usage of the product

The number of free claims included in the annual subscription is limited to two claims per year. The maximum number of claims is limited to one 12-month period at a time, beginning with the start of the coverage period shown on the original sales receipt. Unused claims expire at the end of each 12-month period and cannot be carried over into the following period.

Annual manufacturer calibration

Byonoy prüft das Produkt anhand der Spezifikationen des Herstellers und kalibriert das Produkt innerhalb des vom Hersteller angegebenen Bereichs. Byonoy kalibriert das Produkt anhand von Kalibrierkriterien unter Verwendung von Arbeitsstandards, die regelmäßig überprüft werden und auf kommerzielle Standards rückführbar sind. Nach erfolgreicher Kalibrierung stellt Byonoy ein Zertifikat über die Herstellerkalibrierung aus.

Die Kalibrierung findet bei Byonoy statt. Für diese Dienstleistung fallen Lieferkosten an.Die Anzahl der kostenlosen Reklamationen, die im Jahresabonnement enthalten sind, ist auf eine Reklamation pro Jahr begrenzt. Die maximale Anzahl von Ansprüchen ist jeweils auf einen 12-Monats-Zeitraum begrenzt, beginnend mit dem Start des Versicherungszeitraums der auf dem Original-Kaufbeleg angegeben ist. Ungenutzte Ansprüche verfallen am Ende jedes 12-Monats-Zeitraums und können nicht auf den folgenden Zeitraum übertragen werden.

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