Democratize the lab

Democratize the lab

Simplify the lab

Simplify the lab

Reenvision the lab

Reenvision the lab

We do pioneering work to simplify your workflow; the result is a new, singular user experience.  We create instruments that are more intuitive, flexible, and compact than traditional devices  – but do their job equally precisely. With highly functional designs, intuitive user interfaces and affordable pricing, we make the latest measurement technology more accessible.

 Dr. Yousef Nazirizadeh CEO, Head of Research, Development & Production Byonoy

“We are breaking with old industry conventions to create a lab where you focus on your application – not on the tools.”

Dr. Yousef Nazirizadeh

CEO, Head of Research, Development & Production

 Dr. Sebastian Metz CMO, Managing Director Byonoy

“Our goal is to democratize the latest advancements in measurement technology.”

Dr. Sebastian Metz

CMO, Managing Director

Where it all happens

Everything we do, we do at our facility in Hamburg, Germany. Development is right next door to production and both work together closely to guarantee our quality standards. Our commitment to quality is even certified - in accordance with ISO 9001. Visit us or book an online demo to get to know us and our instruments.

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We combine the worlds of biology and light to innovate laboratory equipment that makes your workflow in the lab easier. To provide the best results, all components of our instruments are designed by us in-house.

 Byonoy Company

We make precise decisions for and against user interface functions in order provide the most optimized user experience. We want you to spend time on your experiment – not on figuring out the software.


Byonoy has all the essential steps of the production in-house. This enables us to apply the quality and care of small-scale manufacturing to large-scale production.  


A worldwide network of valued partners extends Byonoy’s reach to laboratories in over 50 countries.

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Product demonstrations

We like to show you the streamlined workflow of our instruments personally. So we offer you head to head online demos.

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